Athlete positioning is achieved with market-proven UWB technology, capable of accurately calculating and graphing player positions more than 20 times per second. To maintain real-time positioning data, we place antennas strategically around playing field. The EchoSports solution can equip any type of sports field, whether indoors or outdoors. The number of antennas required depend on the configuration and dimensions of your field.

UWB Antennas

EchoSports is a cloud-based solution that maintains athletic performance metrics from live or archive sports events. Data is uploaded automatically, wirelessly, and in real time, so you can focus on the most important thing – the game! You’ll never have to worry about wiring player tags to console.

Video cameras

In addition to player physical performance EchoSports provide integrated video analysis functionality. As soon as game or training session is started, video of the event is also recorded by at least three video cameras. Specific in-game moments like goals or baskets scored are marked on video automatically using our scoreboard tracking technology. On top of that coaches can mark specific events on the video during the game. In effect, data from every important moment of the game is available instantly for review. No more sleepless nights of video editing!