realtime data



  • UWB antenna

    decimeter precision
    real-time data

  • Video analysis

    automated filming
    event tagging

  • Player data

    real time performance
    workload monitoring



EchoSports is a cloud-based solution that maintains athletic performance metrics from live or archive sports events. Data is uploaded automatically, wirelessly, and in real time, so you can focus on the most important thing – the game! You’ll never have to worry about wiring player tags to console.



The EchoSports system digitalizes player movement and within a second informs coaching staff of player positioning, pace, speed, distance traveled, time elapsed on field, heart rate as well as tactical analysis and quick player comparison.

Workload management

By utilizing 9 axis iMU sensors EchoSports records all micromovements to provide metrics like jumps, sprints, workload and intensity. Load limits can be set for specific athletes during the recovery phase, gradually retaining injured athlete to top form.

Automated video recording

Games or training sessions are recorded by at least three cameras. Specific in-game moments like goals or baskets scored are marked on video automatically using our scoreboard tracking technology. On top of that coaches can mark specific events on the video during the game.


Data is uploaded automatically, wirelessly, and in real time. You can access our Stats Portal anytime via Web browser from any computer or tablet. For maximum mobility and ease of use, we provide an Android and iOS App to monitor and manage the events on the field.



EchoSports cloud platform has a subscription based pricing model. A fair and predictable price is calculated depending on the amount of training sessions and games. Infrastructure installation costs depend on the configuration and dimensions of the sportshall/field. Our customers can choose their infrastructure financing model– single payment, leasing or renting the infrastructure depending on the budget available.

Starting from
1000 eur/month
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