Get instant analytics right when you need them – during the game or practice, or immediately after. The Stats Portal is not only analytics platform, but also a database of every training session, workout, and game – in chronological order.

You’ll monitor short and long – term progression of not only individual athletes, but the team itself. As soon as you quantify what’s happening on the field, you’ll maximize your gains. You can access our Stats Portal anytime via Web browser on your computer or tablet. For maximum mobility and ease of use, we provide an Android and iOS App to monitor and manage the event on the field.

We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that all movement and performance data is logged and presented to clients in an intuitive and straightforward interface. A new recording of training session or game is started with a few clicks in the Stats Portal or mobile app and players just need to remember to wear the tags during event. The gameplay recording can be divided into custom or preset segments, so you can later analyze specific periods of the game or practice. During game, you can bookmark specific moments – goals, penalties, player errors, and more. In effect, data from every moment of the game that you need to review is available on demand. In order to provide consistently accurate player data, calculations are made only when player is on the field and only within game time. This is very important to all of us! EchoSports is carefully crafted to deliver metrics of actual gameplay, not time spent on the bench.