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EchoSports provides to team coaches key metrics that allow to either reduce or increase the amount of the work players do. Team analytics – to monitor detailed player performance in real time and to analyse statistics from previous activities.

Arenas and stadiums

Smart field – facilities, where an EchoSports solution is installed, are more attractive for elite teams and recreational sports people. They provide an outstanding service and fun experience. Be an arena of tomorrow by upgrading your facilities with EchoSports!

Media and Leagues

FUN marketing - get fans involved via social media, right when the game is on by putting on sponsored quizzes on who is the fastest, toughest etc. player or team. More advertising areas - sponsored stats reports, charts, comparisons etc. EchoSports solution brings your marketing team a ton of new possibilities.


EchoSports helps to monitor and improve your performance. Manage your training load so that you minimize the chance of getting injured because of bad training decisions. Get inspired and benefit from extra motivation for some serious and clever training. Compare your progress day by day and season to season.


Our solution provides market leading wearable technology in precision of sport position. Be sure about your distance and speed-based metrics. The technology is based on UWB (ultra-wide band).

Real time

EchoSports is at the forefront of real time performance data analysis solutions. We provide live data streaming in less than a second to the end user anywhere in the world.

In/out door

EchoSports can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you can use it wherever depending on the season and your preference. No GPS signal needed.

Cloud based

EchoSports solution is cloud-based. It’s super easy to log in on any device and get instant data streaming from sports events.


EchoSports solution is compatible with various team sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, floorball, rugby and many to come.

Cost effective

Our pricing policy is clear and transparent so you are never surprised by any hidden costs.


EchoSports is a real time player tracking and analysis platform that makes data accessible instantly anywhere in the world. It can be used both indoors and outdoors regardless of the season.


Upgrade your training and game performance to next level with EchoSports solution for basketball. Get real time player performance statistics like time on field, calories burned, jumps and other key metrics that are important in the game of basketball.

Ice hockey

Here, at EchoSports, we’ve been working with passion to develop this smart solution that helps to provide a whole new level of individual approach for a modern-day athlete based on detailed performance monitoring.


It’s our utmost priority to provide key metrics for each team member with the goal of achieving maximum training efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.


EchoSports – building a smart training culture and a clever way of winning!


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